Jan 12, 2009

Pantone Color for 2009: Mimosa

Pantone, perennial tastemaker and producer of fun swatch books, has decreed that mimosa yellow is the new black.

Uh, okay.


Anonymous said...

Well, there you go! If you're worried about job security or your vanishing retirement account, just paint your walls yellow - excuse me, mimosa - and your cares will disappear.

Nice to see a fellow APLD member blogging, although I think you've been at it much longer than me.

John said...

Ha! Mimosa is soma.

Actually, I love that Pantone's idea of mimosa appears to be the noxious weed Acacia dealbata, the source of my firewood.

Heavy Petal said...

I knew I was seeing citrus colours pop up everywhere this winter! Thanks Pantone.