Mar 20, 2009

Growing Our Own

In trying economic times, folks are inclined to grow their own produce. George Ball (of Heronswood Nursery, Burpee Seed Co., The Cook's Garden et al.) recently wrote that, despite declining sales of ornamental plants, "we’re awash with early orders of herb and vegetable seeds, transplants and fruit bushes." And yesterday we learned that the First Family is putting in a little plot as well. (Although no beets — yet one more way the President and I are alike.)

This really is great. If more of us grew more of our own food, it could solve a myriad of problems, not to mention easing our budgets. And: in order for growing your own to really pay off, you need to avoid the $64 tomato. One of my favorite planning guides is Square Foot Gardening by Mel Bartholomew; but there's no shortage of good ideas online.

Whether you're planting square inches or square acres, the key is to have fun with it. If you've got a technique or a plan that you're really proud of, please share it with us!


Alice Joyce said...

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John said...

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