Jan 2, 2006

What Inspires You?

In The Artist's Way, Julia Cameron advocates writing three "morning pages" every day, about anything at all, ignoring spelling, grammar and legibility, just for the liberation of doing it. She's right; and I can imagine the same holds true for visual as well as verbal expression. Just take a look at the remarkable progression in the sketchbook of a woman who began drawing every day one year ago.

My life is filled with scraps of paper (much to the horror of Franklin Planner devotees, no doubt). They contain sketches, phone numbers, notes on plant combinations, addresses of interesting gardens I pass by, grocery lists, and so on. Occasionally these scraps band together and become a notebook. Sometimes the notebooks join forces and become a journal. This year I would like to have fewer scraps and more journals.

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Elizabeth said...

Thanks for your kind words! And have fun with your journals (on and offline) this year.