Sep 15, 2010

Hurry Up and Wait

In my last post I promised to review the more landscape-relevant features of Vectorworks Landmark 2010. Since then, the company has not only changed their name to Nemetschek Vectorworks Inc., they've also released Vectorworks 2011, including more robust 3D features as well as scalable symbols — one of the features I really missed from previous versions. So rather than continue looking back at 2010, I'll use a future post to look forward to 2011. If there's a feature you'd particularly like me to explore, please let me know. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wow. So glad I found your site. I use Vectorworks and never used it for it's real potential. I have 2010, so I will be interested to read all your posts amd see what you do with the app. I am going to bookmark this site ASAP.

John said...

I'm so glad you're so glad you found my site! And I always appreciate a bookmark, blogroll, retweet, like, or just plain ol' good karma.

I don't know any two designers who use Vectorworks the same way. That's the beauty—and the curse—of the program: it's friendly enough to start using with almost no instruction, but in doing so, one can develop some, um, unique habits. My fixation on Classes and Layers (ad nauseum) really drags down my short-term productivity; but it does help me in the long term. Not everyone has the patience for this, though, or the data-geek mindset that seems to feed it.

Please keep reading, keep commenting, and let us know your Vectorworks habits!