Mar 19, 2009

Don't Touch The Water

Seriously? You're going to build this big beautiful shallow stream, connect it to a pedestrian mall with an enticing sun-drenched lawn... then say "no water contact allowed"?



Anonymous said...

The exact same thing happened when Pleasant Hill revamped their downtown. Two highly kid-climbable granite rock fountains set in a shallow well are plastered with signs not to play in the fountain or climb the rocks. It's hard to see the signs in the summer though, beacause all the kids climbing on the rocks are blocking them.

John said...

God bless the children. Lawrence Halprin had it right: go splash around yourself on opening day, and dare the mayor to stop you.

The irony is that the sign attempts to avoid a lawsuit, yet I imagine just about any judge would mutter something about "attractive nuisance" and give the (non-English-reading, BTW) plaintiff a big fat decision.

If you don't want people to touch the water, I say infest it with sharks. Otherwise invest in a decent chlorination system and bask in the accolades for creating such an engaging space.