May 7, 2006

The Emerald City

From the San Francisco Chronicle:
Wild San Francisco

The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department has released a final draft of a management plan that recommends ways to preserve and restore 1,105 acres as Significant Natural Resource Areas in nearly three dozen parks. The park commission is expected to hold public hearings this month, and vote on the plan, which can be found at

1 Balboa Natural Area
2 Bayview Park
3 Bernal Hill
4 Billy Goat Hill
5 Brooks Park and Lakeview/Ashton Mini Park
6 Buena Vista Park
7 Corona Heights
8 Dorothy Erskine
9 Duncan-Castro
10 Edgehill Mountain
11 Fairmont Park
12 Glen Canyon Park/O'Shaughnessy Hollow
13 Golden Gate Heights, Grandview Park, Hawk Hill, Rock Outcrop
14 Golden Gate Park
15 India Basin Shoreline Park
16 Interior Greenbelt
17 Kite Hill
18 Lake Merced
19 McLaren Park
20 Mount Davidson
21 Palou-Phelps
22 Pine Lake
23 Sharp Park (Pacifica)
24 Tank Hill
25 Twin Peaks
26 15th Avenue Steps

Source: San Francisco Recreation and Park Department
Gus D’Angelo / The Chronicle

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